Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google & Facebook have changed marketing forever. Let me prove it to you.

My Story

I am a 15-year media & marketing veteran who grew a website to 1 million page views PER DAY using Facebook & Google advertising and sold it to famous tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck.

As a result, I created an online course about PPC advertising to teach others what it took me 5 years to learn on my own.

I now work with home service business, including but not limited to:

— Plumbers
— Carpenters
— Handymen
— Painters
— Gardeners
— Landscapers
— Window Repairmen
— AC Repairmen
— Exterminators
— Interior Designers
— Electricians
— Window Repairmen
— Remodelers

Here are my success stories:

My Offer

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